The vision of the Governing Body at Great Dunmow Primary School is to ensure that each and every child has the opportunity to thrive and achieve their potential at Great Dunmow Primary School. This is achieved through a combination of excellent teaching, accurate assessment and a creative, enquiry-based curriculum. Combined with opportunities to build confidence through participation in music, drama and sports activities our school is distinctive and special.


Governors are responsible for overseeing the management aspects of the school. They enable their school to run as effectively as possible, acting as a critical friend to the Headteacher and Senior Leaders. Governors are required to be familiar with and use objective data on the performance of pupils, teachers and finances, to ask the right questions and ensure resources are allocated to school priorities. 

Our school motto, “To Strive for Excellence in Learning and All that We Do” underlines the aims of the school to be fully inclusive and work as a team to ensure the best possible experiences and outcomes for every single child.

The whole Governing Body meets on at least two occasions each term. The first one of these is a Committee Day. There are four committees, Finance, Premises, Curriculum and Personnel, each with its own Chairperson. The committees look in detail at their different areas of responsibility, probing and questioning the school as well as facilitating solutions. 

The second day has a strategic focus with Governor involvement in planning for the future. The Full Governing Body Meeting holds the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils. 

Strategic Review Committee meetings are held when required to discuss the vision and future actions of the Governing Body. 

 Subject leaders attend Governing Body meetings for question and answer sessions. This enables Governors to monitor the progress of subject development plans. Governors also meet with Phase Leaders (Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2). 

All Governors are appointed subject to the approval of the Full Governing Body. Essex County Council are notified of all appointments. The Governing Body for Great Dunmow Primary School is constituted to have 9 governors (3 parent governors, 1 Local Authority governor, 1 staff governor, 2 partnership governors, 1 co-opted governor and the Headteacher). There are currently also 3 associate members who assist the Governing Body in an advisory capacity, but have no voting rights.      


The Chair of the Governing Body or the Clerk can be contacted via the school office. 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Governing Body have been holding regular virtual meetings and have been monitoring the provision of remote learning while the school has been closed to the pupils. The Chair of Governors has a weekly update meeting with the Headteacher. 



Governor Membership 2020/2021


Linda Pannell                                                                                       Chair
                                                                                                                   Partnership Governor


Kevin Watts                                                                                           Headteacher


David Mirzai                                                                                           L A Governor


Jo Marshall                                                                                            Co-Opted Governor 


Christine Hemming                                                                            Vice-Chair

                                                                        Partnership Governor


John Thornton                                                                                      Parent Governor


James Robinson                                                                                   Parent Governor


Kate Flynn                                                                                               Staff Governor


Sannelie Gallichan                                                                               Parent Governor

Jo Hayes                                                                                                  Associate Member


Dave Frater                                                                                            Associate Member


Kylie Robinson                                                                                     Associate Member


                                                                  Governor List correct as of February 2021