A sample of thank you notes received during the COVID-19 outbreak

Swimming Gala - February 2020

I've just come back from the swimming gala and wanted to say how amazing our group of children was. Great performance from all the children: strong, determined and sincere. What an amazing experience for them all, they should all be very proud of themselves.

Could you please pass on my thanks to all the adults that were involved today, they were great with the children.

Minister of State for School Standards - January 2020

Art Solutions 2019

Letter of Congratulations September 2019


What a fantastic achievement to you and the school.

I can honestly say the forward thinking, hard work and care for the children at this school absolutely amazes me every day.

From giving out free veggies, bread etc. to the fun challenges the children are set it all works in making this a school I’m incredibly proud to have my children attend.

Well done.

 Parent email – September 2019



Parent Lunches 2019

12th December 2018

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for inviting me to the pantomime this year. I had the best time and was very proud to be there with the school. You all did a fantastic job organising it for the children and they clearly all enjoyed themselves! It was superbly done and the children were all safe and so well looked after, you all did an amazing job. Thank you again for letting me be part of such a fun afternoon with the school.


26th April 2018

Just wanted to say what a fantastic idea the buddy system at the school is.
This is xxxxxx meeting up with her old buddy - who bought a buddy teddy as a present for xxxxxx so she is always with her.
We now meet up every month and xxxxxxx helps xxxxxx with her homework. Friends for life.
Well done GDP.
Mrs  xxxxxxxx



March 2018

A massive thank you for organising our visit yesterday.
We had a really lovely day at Great Dunmow School - we both remarked about the particularly good energy there was! Can't really explain it better than that - but it was just that all the staff and students seemed really happy, not that they had been miserable on other visits (!) - But all just seemed very calm and very positive.  It was really, lovely.
The workshops were as much fun as usual with some of the pupils coming up with really quite exemplary work.
I've attached our invoice and a feedback sheet & if you get a chance to complete the latter that'd be great.
All good wishes
Gill & Bill

Multi Story Theatre

Seed Planting    April 2017

Good morning Great Dunmow Primary School Team

 Please can you relay my thanks to Mrs xxxx for the seed planting yesterday? My son, C of Fir Tree Class, had a great time planting seeds and is looking forward to watching them grow into various vegetables.

Kind regards



Space Slime    May 2017

 E had so much fun making space slime this week!

Like all good science experiments it took a few attempts and lots of sticky fingers to get the formula right but E was well prepared with her lab coat, safety goggles and measuring cylinders.

 Once E had discovered the perfect space slime consistency the real fun began, adding colours, glitter and even alien eyeballs! E loved stretching it, she even had to stand on her chair as it stretched so far, she rolled it and loved feeling it "melt" between her fingers before rolling it together again.

I think making space slime is going to be a much loved rainy day experiment in our house, thank you! (I think?)

Ash Tree Reception



Snow Day December 2017

Good morning Mr W~~~

 I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and all the staff that worked so hard to get the paths cleared this morning - it really is appreciated.

 Many thanks


Mrs xxxx

Neil and I both enjoyed today, it was great fun and really inspiring being asked so many questions.

Your students are a credit to you, very well behaved and polite.

I’ve done a few of these sessions and it was definitely one of the easiest and most enjoyable. It’s great when the kids want to know more as it shows that they are interested in the subject. It also makes me realise why people teach, as the rewards are evident.

Neil and I were really impressed with yourself and Miss xxxxxx with how you’re managing to integrate ‘Engineering’ into what must already be a jam packed school schedule. It’s brilliant that you are giving and teaching children, at such a young age, Engineering skills. Keep it up!

We also enjoyed the roast dinner, it was funny the children asking why we hadn’t washed our hands before eating! Thanks for letting involving us.

Engineers from Stansted Airport – Science Week – March 2018