‘To strive for excellence in learning and all that we do’


At Great Dunmow Primary School, we believe that our science curriculum should captivate children by teaching them the wonders of our world through science. Our spiralised curriculum builds upon knowledge and skills learned in prior years and increases in complexity whilst fostering a love of learning of science through interactive, practical and theoretical lessons immersing pupils in the richness of the sciences.

All of our children will be taught to age specific outcomes in line with national curriculum. We are passionate that all pupils are able to access the science curriculum and have inclusive scaffolded activities to ensure all children can access science through their learning journey. Learning is delivered as a high quality, hands on experience, where appropriate, and children are encouraged to apply their working scientifically skills such as being able to question, predict, plan, investigate, observe and evaluate alongside developing them to be independent learners.

Our science curriculum embeds cross-curricular links to English and maths as well as other foundation subjects. Our aim is that our children are able to contextualise science in the wider world to develop their science capital by exposing them to a diverse range of scientists whilst incorporating many relevant enrichment activities such as educational trips, visitors and an annual whole school science week to further enhance the memorability of science. We also promote science through the use of science ambassadors at lunchtimes and have various science clubs on offer.


  • The Principles of Science have been agreed by all staff across the school and are up in each classroom.
  • We have a clear and progressively planned knowledge-based curriculum. Lessons are derived from the PZAZ scheme of learning and adapted to suit the needs of all children.
  • Lessons will be practical as much as possible to provide children with the opportunity to experience science in a hands-on manner.
  • Working scientifically skills are developed within lessons where appropriate.
  • The children have access to a range of scientific equipment, some provided by the Ogden Trust, which is regularly updated to ensure children have access to practical equipment.
  • Children with SEND are supported and practical activities linked to the curriculum and wider world are available for all staff to access.
  • Children will experience awe and wonder through being exposed to different science experiences during their learning.
  • Children are taught key scientific vocabulary to help them develop their scientific terminology and understanding.
  • A science display board is placed in the corridor to promote science in the news and a diverse range of scientists.
  • Extra-curricular clubs are promoted to all children to encourage them to develop their love of science further.
  • Science leaders carry out regular monitoring of books, lessons, staff and pupil questionnaires.
  • Staff have regular CPD to develop their own scientific understanding as well as support with delivering and assessing the science curriculum.


  • Formative assessment made by teachers in every lesson will ensure children will achieve age-related expectations.
  • Children will work collaboratively and practically to investigate and experiment.
  • Children will be able to question ideas and reflect on knowledge.
  • Children will be independent enthusiastic scientists with a greater understanding of the world that is around them.
  • All pupils will leave Great Dunmow with a lifelong love of science.


Mr Sam Hill  and Miss Ellis Craig- Science Leads