Year 3


Teachers: Miss Grisley in Apple Tree Class and Mr Coleman in Horse Chestnut Class

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Maybanks, Mrs Carter, Mrs Martin, Miss Johnson, Mrs Mascall, Mrs Pearce and Mrs Martin




Spring 2024

Welcome back to another busy, exciting and challenging term at Great Dunmow. This information has been put together to keep all parents and carers fully informed of what their children will experience this term.


Our main topics for this term are the Bronze Age, animals and rainforests, megacities and rocks and fossils. We will be bringing these topics into many areas of the curriculum and also through our investigations of significant individuals.


Year 3 will be looking at a range of poetry, instructions, diary entries, adventure stories and non-chronological reports. During our English lessons, the pupils will write their own after studying the features of each text type and learning key skills. In grammar sessions, the children will be learning about purpose of adverbs, recognising and using them in their writing, using inverted commas and speech, apostrophes for contractions and possession, prepositions and tenses as well as recapping on the learning so far.




We will be focusing on multiplication and division and fractions over the next term. We will also be putting emphasis on times tables, working on the pupil’s fluency and spotting links/patterns between them.  




The children will learn about: monster descriptions, adjectival agreements, doctor role play, carnival and describing dragons and unicorns. 

General Information


Please make sure that children come to school with all the relevant P.E equipment: shorts, T-shirt and appropriate footwear for indoor activities and a tracksuit and trainers for outdoor sessions. No jewellery is to be worn at any time during PE sessions and long hair needs to be tied back. Children will not be permitted to borrow kit from other children. If children cannot take their own earrings out, they be unable to participate in the PE lesson.

Please let us know if your child is unable to partake in any PE lesson for any medical reason.


In addition, please ensure your child has a water bottle in class.




  • days are as follows for the year group:
    •         Wednesday (indoor) 
    •           Thursday (outdoor)



  • Reading – Children need to be reading regularly at home, and additionally having a more advanced text read to them for enjoyment would be beneficial.
  • Maths – Questions based on work completed during the week. This will be set on Mirodo. If you would like to help your child further at home, please practise their times tables (using Times Table Rockstars), telling the time with an analogue clock and using money in practical situations.
  • Grammar – Questions based on work completed during the week. These will be set on Mirodo.
  • Spelling – Spelling rules/patterns linked to learning from the week. These will be in on Spelling Shed, which is the spelling scheme that is followed throughout the school.

Homework will be set on Wednesday and due to be handed in by Wednesday morning the following week. Children should try to complete their work independently as it will all be revision from the weeks work or things previously covered. If they need any support, they should see us before it is due so that we have the opportunity to help them with it.


The pupils need to ensure that they have their reading book and diary with them in school each day. The class teacher will hear them read once every three weeks on a 1:1 basis and the class LSAs will also hear them read regularly.


Upcoming Events in Year 3


Non pupil day – Friday 16th February


World Book Day – Friday 1st March


Science Week – 11th to 15th March


Parents evening – 18th and 20th March


Apple Tree assembly – Tuesday 26th March


Horse Chestnut assembly – Wednesday 24th April



 If you have any further questions and wish to speak to us, please do not hesitate to make an appointment through the school office or send us a message on Dojo.

Many thanks,

Miss Grisley & Mr Coleman


For further information about our curriculum – please see the long term plan below